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She would love to keep you updated on her progress, and promises to let you know when she is ready to go! Leave your email and she will send you progress reports.

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Original Game Concept Video

Dr.Smash twin stick game demo

While Dr.Smash as a character hasn't changed a whole lot, the in game concept has done a ton of evolving since our original concept piece. In the early stages, the GIF above was used to demonstrate a general feeling for one game play mode. We are happy to say we will be releasing more clips soon.

About Dr.Smash

Dr.Smash and her team of archaeologists have found themselves in an unfamiliar place surrounded by swarms of automated cleansing drones. Her only hope of survival is to smash her way through to the end, and she needs your help.


Dr.Smash is slated for multiple user platforms. Mobile phone users will have access on IOS and Android. PC users will also be happy to gain access through the steam content provider. More systems will be considered once development has finished.

Our Goal.

Our team has set out to create a fast paced, highly interactive and entertaining game play. Through scrutinous development and brainstorming, our team has been and continues to work tirelessly on building the next game you'll never get bored of.

Our Vision.

We fully understand the value of community support and wish to make our efforts transparent. Through community feedback, we plan to take considerations in what direction development goes, especially when it comes to new features and content.

Our Promise.

Every member of our team is fully on board to make Dr.Smash a reality. Our promise to our supporters has unanimously settled on providing a quality finished product. A thrilling game which provides endless fun.

We have lots going on, stay connected!

Are you looking forward to learning more about Dr.Smash and getting updates on development progress?


We love sharing what we have already accomplished. Expect to see videos, game art, and promotional concepts. We will update this section often!